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Pansori – traditional Korean song. (December 28, 2013)


This is the Primary medley from the Ward Christmas Party.  They were so cute! [See December 30, 2013 post]


Practicing for a special music number for Zone Conference!  It was a big hit! [See November 26, 2012 post]


It’s not the whole “nanta,” but so awesome! The room was filled with the rhythm! [See October 30, 2012 post]


Once again, we sang “Ah ree rang” after Sacrament Meeting on our last Sunday. But we were suddenly asked to sing it again after the Departure Devotional for all the missionaries leaving the same week. It was so cool to see all those 550 or so missionaries sway along with us. [Video September 9, 2012. See July 31, 2012 post]


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