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June 17, 2013 by Sister Roueche

Today is transfer call day!!  And … both I and my companion are staying! Since I’m not going anywhere, this means that starting this new transfer, I will have finally been somewhere longer than my greenie area! Sometimes I tell people that transferring is my hobby. Halfway through this transfer will be what I like to call “D-Day.” On July 1st, one-sixth of our mission will get sucked up into the new Korea Seoul South Mission. Bye! Bye to some of my MTC classmates, bye to some of my favorite people, and bye to our mission president and his wife. That’s right, on July 1st, President and Sister Shin from the MTC are coming and taking over the mission. We’re all super pumped to see what happens because there hasn’t been a Korean mission president in Daejeon for a while! Maybe it’ll be a huge change, maybe not much of a change at all. Who knows!?

This week we saw what I like to call a pamphlet miracle! We were walking up many flights of stairs to an appointment at this library/student building in the middle of the downtown shopping area near our church when a man coming down the stairs stopped and said something to my companion. She only understood the word “church” so she started to say the name of our church. He said it again and this time I understood it as the old name of the church in Korean before they changed it a few years ago. I told him that we were the same missionaries and he asked if we still taught the Book of Mormon. I told him we did and showed him the copy I always carry. Then he just stared at us awkwardly. We were already pushing the time to our appointment, and we were standing there talking to a man (which we don’t normally do), and he wasn’t really responding to anything I said, so I went for the easy way out and handed him a pamphlet with our number and introduction to our message and told him to call us.

Then, the next day he did!! When I answered the phone, I had absolutely no idea what he was saying … something about eating dinner. So I ran to the next room where Sister Sheffield’s companion Sister 이지선 (Sister Lee) was and put the phone on speaker phone. She helped me decipher his accent and successfully have a conversation. He was sort of curious about our church, but more or less just called to see how we were and told us to stay healthy and happy. He said he’d come to church … which he didn’t do, but hey, we’ve got a good start!

Then, the next day, we missed a call from an unknown number. I was afraid to call it back in case it was another unintelligible accent on the other end, but once we got out of the subway and back home, I called it back. I figure since Sister Lee wasn’t home, I’d be able to understand better, just out of necessity. And indeed I did! I have no idea who was calling, but someone we’d met on the street to whom we’d introduced our English program and class. The woman wanted to send her kids, so she called the number we’d given her. CRAZY! Two days in a row!

I’ll be honest, when I talk to people on the street, I don’t expect much. I’m lacking faith in that area just because I can count the number of times on one hand that a street conversation has turned into anything … but I think my attitude is slowly changing! There are so many different ways to find people who are interested in our message, and you know, I need to give all of those ways a fair chance! Every day and every week we need new goals; goals to stretch us and make us better than we were the week and day before. Now I have mine! A new attitude when I talk to people on the street, or anywhere! Our attitudes can always improve, even if we already have a sunny disposition. To this week and all we can accomplish with the power of a great attitude!


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