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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 13, 2013 by Sister Roueche

A few hours ago I got to Skype with my parents! Super Exciting! And to the rest of you, too, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Also, Friday is Buddha’s Birthday! This isn’t terribly interesting to me except that there’s a Stake sports activity!! Pants all day! Not really because we have a lesson, dinner appointment, and English class afterwards, but I’m ready to put my Korean dodge ball expertise to use!

What you’ve all been waiting for… My greenie, aka brand new off-the-airplane missionary, is AMERICAN!! Her name is Sister Stradling from Snowflake, Arizona, and all the Koreans are majorly struggling over her name. On Thursday I rode the super fast, super fly KTX train up to Daejeon and met her at 11 o’clock. After a meeting with all the new missionaries and trainers we took a picture and went to lunch! Once we got to Gwangju we quickly dropped off her stuff and bolted to the church for our ABC English class. Since then we’ve just been running around trying to accomplish all that we need to! It’s SO MUCH FUN!

We are serving just Chungjang ward these days, and Sister Sheffield is serving Nongseong ward (there are still 4 sisters sharing a single, one-bedroom apartment). So we’ve been able to focus on our members and investigators these past few days, and ah! I already feel like there’s such a difference in the progress we’ve been able to make! Friday we were finishing up language study and a member called us and asked us how fast we could get to the church because he had a friend there and he wanted to introduce us. We quickly packed our stuff and ran to the subway station. It was my first lesson with someone with less Korean ability than me, the first time that I wouldn’t be able to rely on anyone but the spirit if I got stuck, and I’m so glad it was scheduled and happened in a flash so I couldn’t think too hard and get nervous or freak out or anything. It went smoothly! And our new friend was so interested in the Book of Mormon, holding it carefully and asking pointed questions, showing a real curiosity. SO EXCITING!!!

Seriously, the past few days I have understood and been able to speak more Korean than I could even a week ago, the Lord really does bless us to accomplish whatever it is He’s called us to, whether that be missionary, Sunday school teacher, stressed out college student, trainer, primary pianist, , greenie, or anything else! He’s there every step of the way if we just take notice. What a GREAT WEEK! Missionary work, it just gets better and better and BETTER! Love it!


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