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That’s why they don’t send Robots on Missions

May 6, 2013 by Sister Roueche

This week was a pretty normal week as far as missionary weeks go. You know, miracles every day, meeting great people at their door or on the street, people progressing and finding answers to questions they never knew they had, understanding what someone says even when I don’t know any of the vocabulary they’re using, etc. But, it was still such a great week! I got to do some unusual service for people and that mixed it up a bit. Sister Sheffield and I made two apple pies for a member who needed help and I got to take pictures all week for a Flat Stanley project that a friend sent me. Ah, the smell of apple pie in our apartment was intoxicating!

This week we committed three of our investigators to praying every morning and night and reading one chapter of the Book of Mormon every day. We realized that people are accepting and listening, but we needed to get them all DOING more, because it’s by acting and making choices that we come closer to the Savior and better understand the gospel. I hope they are all doing it. There’s a fine balance between reminding or encouraging people and annoying them so that they don’t want to do anything at all. Ah, missionary work!

My favorite miracle happened with Justine, the member we found in our first week here who hasn’t been to church in years. In a previous appointment, we’d told her about President Deiter Uchtdorf, one of the members of the first presidency of the church, and how almost every general conference talk he gives, he talks about airplanes, relying on his years of vast airplane captain expertise. It’s amazing how many principles of the gospel can be related to airplanes. Anyway, this week we found one of his stories in a Friend in our apartment and we decided to show it to her. It was in Korean, so all we really knew was that it was by him and about airplanes because of the illustrations, but why not? When we handed her the few pages of the Friend, it was open to President Uchtdorf’s story. She was immediately drawn to his picture and asked all about him. Then she started flipping the pages and looking at everything! She asked us if she could keep it and read it because when we handed it to her, she immediately felt happier and at peace. Of course!! Please keep it!! After we left, we just jumped up and down we were SO happy to have stumbled upon this miracle. She felt the spirit!! Through the Friend of all things, a magazine for kids under 12!! It was SO EXCITING!! Every precious child of Heavenly Father is different, and so we all are touched and enlightened in different ways. As they say at the MTC, that’s why they don’t send robots on missions. Heavenly Father needs His diverse and unique children to be searching for and helping his diverse and unique children wherever they may be. I LOVE missionary work!!

And guess what?! Today is transfer call day… We’re waiting for confirmation that we need to go to Daejeon on Thursday to pick up our brand new, fresh off the airplane, missionaries.

Until next time!!

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