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Adventures in Knocking on Doors

March 11, 2013 by Sister Roueche

I should start out by telling you that all missionaries have super powers. Each missionary is different and so is their power. For some, it’s finding people to teach, for others, it’s making the gospel really fun for small children, for others it might be understanding people’s needs. Mine is pretty unique, and no one believes me when I first tell them about it. Mine is getting into locked doors. Practically everyone in Korea lives in an apartment, some of which are open to the public, so we can knock on all the doors, and some of which are locked. Some members or people we’ve taught before lived in locked apartments, so if we want to visit them, or meet them again, we have to “call up” and hope they don’t look through the video camera and ignore us… not the members, but others. My talent is walking up to those apartments and the door by some means opens so we can … sneak in. It could be someone leaving the apartment, broken doors, a nice smoker who puts his cigarette down and uses his own password to let us in. Almost every time, the door is made open to us. It’s pretty exciting. This week I spent the day with a different sister missionary on splits and everywhere we went was locked! But, my super power conquered all that day!

Now, when we go into a locked apartment, we don’t start knocking, we have to respect the fact that those people paid extra to have live behind a locked door, but all “open” apartments are free game… sometimes. This week, I was kicked out of my first apartment! I didn’t feel guilty at all! I just smiled at the building manager, said thank you, and we tried the next set of apartments. The next day the same thing happened! The building manager came and found us and said a whole lot of Korean to my companion. He didn’t seem mad though, so I was confused. Apparently, every time we rang a doorbell in that apartment, he could hear it in his office out in the parking lot. I think we were just giving him a headache. Oops.

Some people do live in cool houses, no yards, just high walls that surround their courtyards and gardens. We were walking through a neighborhood and could hear someone on the other side of a wall, but they didn’t respond when we said hello. No need to fret though, there was a little ledge on the wall that seemed like the perfect foothold…. so I stepped up and said hi to the nice grandma hanging up her laundry. She wasn’t terribly freaked out, so she walked over to me and my companion and I (me on the wall, her on the street below) shared our message. She wasn’t interested, but she’ll probably remember me climbing her wall the next time she meets missionaries.

Yesterday, while knocking on doors, someone let us in!! Usually we ring the doorbell, but this house had a sign that said knock, so I did. Then the little green light for the camera came on and I started talking. The woman at the other end said a few words I couldn’t understand then the green light went away. That’s pretty normal, but then the door opened and a little girl peeked out. From the back of the apartment someone said “Come on in!” We came in to find a mother on the floor with her new born baby enjoying their Sunday afternoon together. We taught her about God’s plan of salvation and happiness for each of us, and a little bit about how our message is different from other churches, focusing on the Book of Mormon and its importance. She was Buddhist her whole life, but her husband’s mom is a minister, so she’s been going to church ever since they got married. It was a great half an hour. Before we left, my companion offered a prayer and the mother invited us back later. I can’t WAIT to go back. Afterwards we were just happy to have the opportunity to knock on more doors and hopefully find more people like her! And we will soon!

Spring is coming, EVERYTHING is possible.


  1. Neela Willis says:

    I found your blog through Kathleen Fueston. Hope you don’t mind if I start following you. My family loves many things about Korea and I find your blog to be a breath of fresh air. I love your super power and your attitude. May God always be with you.

  2. Danette says:

    I can TOTALLY picture her cute smiling face popping over the wall and her hand waving hello! :)

  3. Brynn (your cousin) says:

    I just figured out that you are serving in my close friend’s home ward! My friend lives in Michigan right now for grad school, but her parents and sister are definitely in your ward! Family name: Moon

    Your blog is great Anna. Keep it up!

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