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Change is in the Air…

February 25, 2013 by Sister Roueche

Today is a special day! We received our transfer calls! This upcoming transfer will be different than all the rest because it will only be four weeks long. Hopefully I’ll get to spend at least another with my new companion, because four weeks is just so short! She is Korean! And I don’t know if she speaks very much English…Immersion here we go! I’m super excited! But, bigger and MORE exciting changes are just around the corner for me, my mission, and the world!

I found out this past week from the two elders that help our mission president that our incoming mission president is actually someone I know! Mission presidents and their wives serve for three years, and then they go back to retirement, serve other missions, go back to work, or whatever awaits them in their native lands. My current mission president and his wife will finish their time July 1 and coming to the Korea Daejeon Mission to serve for the next three years is my MTC branch president, President Shin! He is the happiest Korean you’ll ever meet and his wife is just lovely. It’s especially exciting for me because I predicted back in November that he would be our new mission president, ha ha ha. Really, I only guessed him because I don’t know of anyone else who would likely be called, so just a lucky guess for me. All of the Korean speaking LDS missionaries in the world know President and Sister Shin because of their stewardship over our wellbeing at the MTC, so my mission is super, super lucky to have them again in our lives.

When we were talking to these two elders they said they had even bigger news. In my mind I screamed and thought, “Oh no! I’m training a new missionary!” But no. Instead they told us about another big change happening in July. The top sliver of our mission and a chunk of the Korea Seoul Mission will come together to be a whole new mission! The Korea Seoul South mission will join forces and become the fourth mission in this small but mighty country! Therefore, around 20 missionaries or so from my own mission will leave and change missions! How crazy is that? I could even be one of them! We won’t know until the transfer that happens in June, so whoever is serving there at that time will get sucked into the new mission…so we’ll see what happens!

This week has been crazy busy because my companion is leaving to go back home at the end of this week. It’s been a really special time because we’ve gotten to have extra meetings with the people we teach and spend more time than we usually are able to with the members we serve in Yuseong as they all say their goodbyes to Sister Painter. We even learned a new word that means to be sad and happy at the same time. She’s happy that she gets to go home and see her family, but sad that she has to end her time here in this great country among great people doing a great work. I can’t imagine the emotions I’ll have when it is my time to go home! But, luckily I’ve got months and months on my hands, so for now 안녕히가세요! Go in peace!

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