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Major Language Flop​

February 18, 2013 by Sister Roueche

This week my companion and I had a SUPER great lesson with one of our friends Sister Lee. (I know right? Not Sister Kim.) We had done a lot of planning for the lesson about the Holy Ghost, but it seemed like we were getting all these other great ideas about stories to tell and scriptures to read instead of what we planned. We were explaining to her all the roles of the Holy Ghost, the third member of the Godhead. One of those roles is a Comforter, as Jesus Christ teaches in John 14:26, and so I suddenly felt like I should share a story from when I was little. The story goes as follows:

When I was little, we lived in Texas, where there are huge crazy thunder and lightning rain storms. It was the middle of the night and I was trying to sleep, but there was no way, it was too scary. I was even trying to hide under my pillow, but it didn’t work. I remembered what I had learned about prayer, so I decided to pray to Heavenly Father to comfort and protect me. Immediately I felt this great warmth come over me and I knew it was Heavenly Father’s love, signifying that everything would be okay. Now when it rains and storms like that, I remember that experience, and I love it!

Now, reread the story, but every time you read the word “rain” replace it with “snow,” because that’s how I told the story. Yup, I overcame my fear of snow through prayer. Sister Lee listened with great patience, and my companion was just in awe that I could serve a mission here where it snows all the time and there’s always snow on the ground during winter. After I wrapped up my story, Sister Lee said, “Really, snow? But snow is so beautiful!” That’s when I realized. Luckily it didn’t take away from the mood and significance of what we were talking about.

It was soon after this debacle that a real miracle happened. We were talking about how it is through the Holy Ghost that Heavenly Father helps us to recognize truth, so we were asking her questions about how she feels when she studies and prays about the Book of Mormon. She opened up and instead of us teaching her, she bore testimony to us and taught us about how the Book of Mormon helps her better understand the Bible, especially Isaiah, and that she knows it comes from God because of the direction and clarity that comes from reading its pages. She said she knows that the ancient prophets in the Book of Mormon were inspired by God to write what they did, just like the prophets in the Bible. Then she said words we weren’t expecting at all: “I think that getting baptized would be a good thing.” I had to fight not to look at my companion with a dumbfounded, “What?” look. Just last week Sister Lee had refused the idea of baptism and had always been really hesitant and cautious. She wants to really know and explore for herself, checking her own understanding as she goes. My companion was just as amazed as I was because she started asking in a roundabout way if Sister Lee had thought about baptism, just to make sure we understood without giving away that we were totally stunned and unsure if we understood her. My companion didn’t even finish forming her question when Sister Lee said, “I’m thinking I want to get baptized in March or April. I just want to keep studying a little bit more.” I’m pretty sure I clapped, but Sister Lee is used to me being ridiculous (I mean, I’m afraid of snow, right?), so she just smiled and expressed her excitement. Then she gave us her son’s phone number and told us to teach him, too. It was awesome.

As soon as Sister Lee left, my companion and I knelt in prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for this wonderful woman that we have the precious privilege of teaching. As evidenced by everything we taught that wasn’t part of our “lesson plan,” we really are just tools in this great work: bringing people greater joy and happiness as they come closer to God and better understand Jesus Christ. It really is my privilege to witness, to see, and hopefully do all I can to help in that work.

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  1. KimH says:

    Beautiful story! I love your blog, thank you for sharing your missionary experiences with us.

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