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Welcome Week

August 14, 2012 by Sister Roueche

Sometimes I forget that life goes on outside the MTC.  In my hometown, kids are already back at school and at my alma mater Butler University it is Welcome Week, the best time of the year!  Seriously, there’s nothing better than Welcome Week, and because the Lord loves me and knew how much I’d be missing out on the fun, he sent me…or really all of us Koreans…a nice big batch of 30 new missionaries to welcome on Wednesday!  There are seven new Korean sisters, and they are all powerhouse women! And I really think some of the new elders already know more Korean than I do!  It’s strange when a missionary comes up to me and asks a language question, as if I would know!  But alas, I do sometimes know the answer, it’s kind of crazy!

Speaking of miracles, there is a really great definition of Miracles in the Bible Dictionary that comes with every LDS published King James Version of the Bible. It says:

Miracles should not be regarded as deviations from the ordinary course of nature so much as manifestations of divine or spiritual power.

I love this because I feel that every day I experience miracles, but maybe I always did and just did not realize. Whether it’s learning this language or seeing someone understand and take hold of a gospel truth for the first time, maybe it’s a simple as that car not hitting mine or the frozen yogurt shop having my favorite flavor that day. Our Heavenly Father wants us to know that he loves us, so each of these blessings, tender mercies, miracles, whatever you want to call them are just evidence of that amazing love. My challenge to you this week is to find miracles in your life.  I promise you that they are there.  Maybe when we start to notice these continual miracles, the hard things won’t seem so bad because we’ll remember that no matter what someone loves us and is looking out for us.

I want to share a story from one of our native Korean sisters that was here a few weeks ago.  Her name is Sister Kim and she was baptized four years ago.  She said she met with the sister missionaries for a long time, but never really understood what they were saying, she just pretended to by smiling and nodding (they do that in Korea, too).  The first time they asked if she wanted to follow Christ’s example and be baptized she laughed at them.  She told me that she kept meeting with them not because of what they said, but because they loved her.  She knew that because the missionaries loved her, Heavenly Father must love her, too.  This past Sunday in Relief Society, Sister Wixon who serves with two other counselors as the head of the Primary organization in the church came to talk to us.  She said her favorite part of holding that calling was coming to the MTC to talk to missionaries. (The funny things people say when in front of a huge crowd of missionaries.) Her husband had served as the mission president in the Washington D.C. South Mission recently, so she had him come to the microphone to tell us how much he also loved sister missionaries.  He said, “[The people you teach] will know who they are because you know who you are.” This immediately reminded me of Sister Kim’s story because I bet those missionaries that taught her knew without a doubt that they were daughters of God and that He loved them, and so through their service and dedication to her, she knew that about herself, too.  I hope that I can be that for another Sister Kim in Korea…there are a lot of Kims to be taught!

Funny story before I go: This week I was informed by two of the elders in my district that they always know when I enter the building because they can hear me all the way down the hall. Does that sound familiar to any of you? In honor of my “loud” talent, they looked up the verb “to shout” in Korean.  Koreans make adjectives out of verbs, so now instead of “Roueche Sister” (English translation included) I am “Loud Sister.”

What can I say?  I’m just very passionate!


  1. Katie Pederson says:

    Familiar? Absolutely. haha I love that :)

  2. kathleen Fueston says:

    I loved Anna’s description of miracles and totally agree with her. Sometimes I think we beleive they have to be BIG things in order to be considered a miracle, but i am certain (at least in my life) that it is the hundred little things that happen daily and weekly that help me know my Heavenly Father is very aware of me and is blessing my life through little things. So awesome! Love you Loud Sister Anna! Never loss that passion!

  3. Chris Beaman says:

    I was just hanging out with everyone at SOG training, and I was thinking of how much I missed you the whole time!

  4. Patrick Thevenow says:

    Loud Sister? Sounds about right… 😛

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