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All the little things

December 16, 2013 by Sister Roueche

This week was filled with so many great small things that I can’t think of where to start! Lately, I’ve been wondering if when my mission is over if I’ll keep talking about miracles all the time and noticing all the small inexplicable instances that happen, or if I’ll just jump back into the storm of life and leave that behind. Like this week, my companion and I did our morning studies at the church, with the plan of leaving all of our books and study materials there until after an evening meeting when we’d leave straight from the church to go home. Unfortunately, that night, we realized that we left ALL of our stuff at church. We’d forgotten to bring our scriptures, planning materials, important forms, and books home after the meeting. What to do? I was walking around our apartment lamenting when I glanced at my mattress. Lo and behold, there were my scriptures. How? It wasn’t possible. My companion and I thought back through our day, but there was no way that I had accidentally brought my scriptures home, there’d been no time or opportunity. But, there they were, waiting and ready for my morning scripture study. I’m convinced that an angel touched my scriptures. How great is that? An angel touched my scriptures!

Before my mission, what would I have thought? Well, honestly, I probably wouldn’t have been stressed out about leaving my scriptures at church, there’s always the internet and probably another set of scriptures laying around, but as a missionary it was a big deal! So much so that my scriptures appeared without any explanation. So often I’ve found the Lord puts people in our path or thoughts in our mind to help us out, but if we don’t recognize His hand in them, those experiences just fly by without notice. I think seeing is a choice, just like faith. It’s so easy to doubt, but it’s so much more fun and satisfying to believe. It’s when we make that choice that the miracles start happening and our faith becomes unshakable. One day this week I was having the worst time. I’d been seriously ill for a few days and on top of it a great investigator told us she didn’t want to meet anymore. Rough. We had a full day planned and I entertained the thought that this was going to be the worst day ever, no one would be home, and nothing would get done. I stopped myself and put on a smile. The first member’s door we knocked on revealed not the member, but her daughter who had moved to Seoul a few months ago! We were invited in for hot chocolate (the fastest thing to make any day better) and an uplifting talk about what she was going through in Seoul and how the ward and her family was doing. It was exactly what I needed!

It didn’t stop there. At every single house or shop we visited, someone was there ready to be taught. By the end of the day, two different women we used to meet with months and months ago contacted us and set up appointments for later in the week. That day, nothing huge and monumental happened, but so many small and insignificant things came together to strengthen my faith and remind me that God is there and aware of me, even when I’m simply having a bad day. I know that is true. There’s evidence of His love and consideration everywhere, but it’s up to me to stop and notice not only when angels brings me the scriptures I carelessly forgot, but also all the little things.

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