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The Final Stretch

December 9, 2013 by Sister Roueche

Not to brag, but I am SO GOOD at making kimchi! Last week our investigator was going to make all of her family’s year supply of kimchi by herself. We offered to help because a) that’s too much work for just one person b) we knew we’d get to teach her afterwards and c) my companion has never made kimchi. Remember, she’s Korean! DSC06181I only had that one experience last year , and I hardly did anything, but my companion and our investigator are convinced I’m Korean now and that I’d made tons of kimchi in my life. Yes! I am a professional kimchi maker. Watch out, Tennessee!

You may not know, but last Christmas I extended my mission by one transfer or six weeks. So technically I should have gone home this past week and been home snug in my bed right now.  Since I didn’t have college to return to like all the girls I came with, I extended. I figure this is one of the most precious and special experiences of my life, so why not stretch it out a little longer, learn a few more needed lessons, see a few more missionary miracles? It was going to be super sad at the Christmas party, because there are only two elders and me left from our group! But, the Lord loves me and so he sent a tender mercy my way. On Friday, I went to Daejeon for the Missionary Leadership Council where the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders all meet with the mission president about issues in our mission and figure out how to improve everything.  As I got off the train in Daejeon, all my friends who were going home were standing there waiting to get on the same train up to Seoul. First, I hugged Sister Brooksby who was either in shock that I was standing there or that her mission was over… not sure which.  Then while going down the line to high five and greet everyone, I was suddenly suffocated by Sister Sheffield and Sister Boone.  Seriously,  it was amazing!  The train attendant was freaking out because she didn’t think everyone  was going to get on the train with enough time.  No worries, they all did.  I had thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could see everyone at the train station?” But, I’ve never heard of that before, but there they all were!  And later, looking back on my great one minute experience, I wasn’t in the least jealous they were going home. I’ve got stuff to do!

Last miracle for today! Two Sundays ago we were out in the rain trying to visit people, and even the people we had appointments with weren’t home. It was raining, cold, and just kind of miserable. Koreans super hate getting stuck in the rain, but my companion embraced it. She kept saying she wasn’t sure if she was American or Korean. After all of our failed attempts, we decided to hop a bus. To go home, instead of taking the bus stop we’ve taken a million times from that neighborhood, I suddenly decided to go to a different bus stop. Same buses, just a different stop. There was an older man sitting on the bus stop bench next to me who didn’t seem at all interested in what I had to say. But then when he put together what church we were from, he started asking questions like why members have so many kids and why we would serve a mission and wait to get married. We just testified about the sanctity of marriage and families and how important they are to God’s plan of happiness for us. Then his bus was suddenly there (bus and bus stop problems), so I quickly wrote our number on a The Family: A Proclamation to the World pamphlet and he was gone into the rain.

Anyway! Saturday morning he called!!! He wants to meet and talk about families and about the gospel!  He said he was busy this month, but he wanted to call us so we could help each other set up an appointment. I told him I’d call him on January 1.  He’s looking forward to it!



  1. Susan says:

    Do they freeze kimchi or how do they preserve it for an entire year? Do you think missionaries get more miracles, or are they more in tune so they see the miracles that the rest of us miss? It would be interesting to know.

    • Sister Roueche says:

      [answer from Anna, posted by Anna’s dad]
      Korean families all have kimchi refridgerators that are filled with nothing but kimchi! It’s nice because it keeps the smell contained to one appliance, too.

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