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Time for a new experience!

October 28, 2013 by Sister Roueche

As I mentioned last week, it was Transfer Week! I had already been getting some hints from President Shin about my new companion, so when his assistants announced each of our new missionary companion’s names, I wasn’t surprised that mine was … KOREAN!  Someone asked me if I had a game plan for how to train a Korean, and I honestly didn’t.  I’ve trained two Americans who were so completely different in every way that the only way I could prepare for them was to try to put myself back in my shoes last September and try to remember everything that was strange about this country at first and about everything I felt uneasy.  But, interestingly, even my beautiful companion Sister Lee Daseur had (still has a little) a look of constant wonder and slight confusion on her face.  I like to think that I didn’t look like that when I got to Korea, but I know that I did. Probably for a few weeks actually…

On Thursday I took the train up to Daejeon, and actually spent the night there! On Friday I had another new experience called Mission Leadership Council (MLC).  At MLC, the two elders and one sister in charge of training and leading  each zone come together with the mission president and his two assistants to discuss goals and the vision of the mission.  I am the new Sister Training Leader of West Gwangju Zone, so I got to sit in and participate in MLC.  It was such a blast!  My poor companion, tired from jetlag and new missionary shock had to study all day.  She didn’t even get to Gwangju until late Friday night when we got to…our new apartment!

Did I mention we also moved last week? And did I mention that my ward now has 8, count ’em 8 missionaries?! Ah, my life is SO exciting, I LOVE IT! Let me backup: two new sisters were assigned to Chungjang Ward!  Our work has been so busy that President Shin decided to beef up our ward and sent Sister King and her new missionary companion to help conquer Gwangju.  We couldn’t all fit into the tiny apartment we shared with the Nongseong Ward sisters, so the 4 of us instead moved to a nice spacious apartment near the church. The great members helped us move our stuff and now we’re all settled in!  We didn’t have gas the first 24 hours, so it was really cold and all we ate was cereal, but now our floors are toasty and our showers aren’t painful. We still lack two mattresses, but it’s a party every night!

It was really a miracle to have two more sisters just when we did.  On Friday night we had a call from a member telling me that he’d set up an appointment for us the next morning with a friend of his from work.  It seemed the perfect time and location to meet a new friend!  That next morning we got there and they didn’t show up.  I gave the member a call and apparently there’d been a miscommunication because his friend would meet us at 12:30 instead of 11:30. Problem!  We had an appointment over the mountain and through the hills for 2:00 pm!  What could we do?  We sat there thinking and thinking until finally, I remembered.  I called the other sisters and they came right on over, taught our member’s friend, and the friend even came to church yesterday!

In our mission every Sunday we have a new goal to “Fast from English and Feast on Korean,” but I’m super fortunate because I get to feast on Korean every day with my new companion.  She’s been studying for an important English test for the past year, but there aren’t a lot of speaking opportunities for students in Korea, just reading and listening. Mostly we just speak in Korean, which is SO nice because I felt like my language was a little stuck, but every once in a while she amazes me and whips out some great English! Even with all the crazy of meetings and moving, we are having a blast! She doesn’t have the initial language barrier that Sister Stradling and Sister Harless had, but she still looks to me for everything. I guess it didn’t occur to me that I had to learn Korean and how to do missionary work when I got here. Funny how that is.

Anyway, preparing for a baptism this weekend…

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  1. BarDee Gillis says:

    Oh the life of Anna!! Korea will never be the same when
    she leaves. She brings such life, JOY and excitement where ever she goes. Love you, MM

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