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Happy Halloween!

October 21, 2013 by Sister Roueche

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite holiday is, it’s always whatever holiday is coming up next. HALLOWEEN! Halloween is always extra exciting though because you get to dress up and eat delicious things.  This past Saturday we helped another ward’s missionaries put on an extravagant Halloween party. I had already been thinking of what I would be for Halloween if I could find some excuse to celebrate it. I would be a Cowgirl! I’m pretty sure I was a cowgirl when I was little. I have a dress I bought in Korea that would work perfectly! Along with my brown winter boots, a borrowed denim jacket, and GIANT belt buckle from one of the elders, my outfit was complete! I even wore Spiderman socks to add to the festiveness… but you couldn’t see them in my boots. Oh well.

It was super fun! The people who came to the party were divided up into different groups that then traveled around to different game stations. Within each group, they were divided into two teams that competed against each other for chocolate coins (thank you, Costco). Our station did a mummy wrap! There was also a gummy bear toss, pin the top on the pumpkin, haunted house, and others. We had a total BLAST! And I got to dress up and eat American chocolate. Yum.

Two Fridays ago, during our weekly planning session, I got this idea to plan for someone we’d never met before. Since we plan on Fridays for a week that doesn’t start till Sunday, we sometimes teach someone new that we’ve met since Friday, but we don’t have any plans for them when we teach them a second time during that week. It’s not a huge deal, but since we have time set aside on Friday mornings to really pray and plan for the people we meet, it’s hard to steel away from the shorter studying, practicing and preparing time we have during the week to do more planning. So, we planned for a “Sister Kim.” Soon after we finished planning, we got a phone call from a member who wanted us to meet two of his students from the English academy where he teaches. He only knew their first names, but he thought maybe one of them had the last name of Kim! We met her last Sunday and she was GREAT! We focused on Heavenly Father, Prayer, and getting answers through the Holy Ghost and who that is. She had no religious background, so we were going slow and basic. When we met her again on Wednesday, we didn’t have to hem and haw about what we’d teach her because we’d already planned for her lesson! In our missionary guidebook, in the chapter about planning and setting goals, it says that our goals should reflect the desires of our hearts (Preach My Gospel Chapter 8 – search for “How to Set Goals”). We desired to meet someone new, and so we planned for her. Not only did we meet her, but when we taught her a second time she was overly excited to get a Book of Mormon, start reading it, and pray to know if it’s true. After she met with us, she went straight to the English academy with our member, and after their class, he asked her how everything was going. They talked about prayer and the Book of Mormon and even baptism…and she told him she wanted to get baptized!

Another miracle: Friday I was planning on texting her to see how everything was going, but she texted us first! She said that she’s been praying in the morning, at night, even on the bus when she goes somewhere because she feels like it. She said that the little things she prays about go well and are blessed, and it’s strange. She asked if prayer is supposed to work that way. We told her that prayer brings about miracles and that we knew God loved her! She said she loved the changes in her life. Time and time again, as missionaries we’re told to have confidence in the principles we teach: faith, prayer, reading the scriptures, and so forth, but we take them for granted, I think. Then someone like Sister Kim Yujin comes along and shows us how to appreciate these great gifts from God. He wants to bless us! He even knows the desire of our hearts before we do, but it’s up to us to learn the lessons and see the miracles that come from taking a step or even a leap of faith forward, like planning for someone we’d never met before.

This week starts a new transfer! I’ve been with Sister Harless for 12 weeks now, so it’s time for her to go off to another area and stretch out her missionary muscles, and it’s time for me to…train a new missionary again! Until next time!

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