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We met through a miracle!

October 7, 2013 by Sister Roueche

I don’t know if that phrase makes any sense in english, but I sure have said it a lot this week in Korean!  I first learned “We are so lucky to have met you,” but it seemed super hard at the time, so I changed it to “miracle.”  On Saturday we made banana chocolate chip bread for our investigator’s birthday!  Actually that’s another cool experience, because when we’d visited during the week the wife told us that she’d been talking to her husband on the phone and he knew about the Book of Mormon.  He works in a different town, so we hadn’t met him yet.  We were kind of nervous because the reputation of Mormons in Korea and on the Korean internet is REALLY bad. So many times we’ve met people on the street who are super interested, and by the time we call them the next day to set an appointment, they’ve blocked our number or tell us awful things on the phone. Anyway, we got to meet him during the birthday feast, and it turns out that not too long ago, he met two foreign elders and met with them a lot.  Funny: while the wife was bustling around finishing putting food on the table, she asked why we weren’t eating.  He said, “Because they are waiting for us all to be ready so we can prayer together.”  I got to say the honorary birthday prayer.  That’s not a real thing, but I got to bless the food.

Anyway!  We made two banana chocolate chip breads, so that morning while thinking about who we should deliver the other bread to, we thought of a family in our ward who struggles with weekly church attendence.  We figured if we visited the night before, they’d be sure to come on Sunday!  They live a little far away, so luckily they answered the door when we got there after dinnertime.  Not only did they answer the door, but they had been gone all day long, and had only gotten back 30 minutes before! Perfect!  We had a great little visit sharing our photo albums and getting to better know them and their background.  As we were leaving, before I could say anything, the wife said, “See you tomorrow!”  They were even on time!
The other crazy miracle meeting was also Saturday night on our way back from their home.  There is a big bus terminal next to our apartment, kind of like an airport for buses, so if we cut through it, we can get back faster than going around it.  As we were walking, I suddenly saw someone waving from inside one of the restaurants.  I took a closer look and it was another family we’re teaching!  I had literally just texted him, maybe a half an hour before, about coming to church, and there they were!  We stopped inside and had a nice chat.  We found out that some of the members in our ward had called them up and all went out for dinner this week!  My ward is amazing!  The wife was sad because she always tries to feed us a meal and we’ve always already eaten, so she promised us an appointment for this week.
Korea, small country, LOTS of people.  Lots of super busy people, so any time we can catch people at home is a miracle.  Anytime we’re just wandering around and bump into people we know it’s a miracle because the likelihood is miniscule.  Anytime I meet someone for a second time on the street, I hassle them a ton about meeting because I figure once is fortunate, but twice means something.  Hey, you only see miracles if you go looking for them.

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