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The Happiest Message on Earth . . . The Rest of the Story

July 29, 2013 by Sister Roueche

Remember my post a few months ago “The Happiest Message on Earth?”  If not, read it right now. Go!


OK, are you back? Yesterday, the beautiful and amazing woman Sister Lee that we met that day outside the church GOT BAPTIZED!!!  That’s RIGHT!  She was prepared, we didn’t mess anything up too badly, and so now she is clean as a whistle!  All her sins washed away yesterday after church when she and one of the elder’s investigators got baptized, too.  It was a great day!  First, my companion wasn’t ready in time to catch the early subway to church, but somehow, even though we arrived late to the station, we were still able to catch it!  Then, a woman who has been struggling to come to church regularly CAME!!  And two other girls that we are teaching also came to church AND the non-member parents of a dear missionary from this ward who is away serving in Seoul also came to church.  It was a BEAUTIFUL and miracle-filled day for a double baptism in our ward.

The real baptism planning and excitement started building for me a few weeks ago when we decided to show her the baptismal font at the church, something I’ve never done before.  Luckily, my companion and I checked the font before the lesson, so we could throw away the dead cockroach that had died while trapped in the tiled font.  Gross.  When we were walking out with her after the lesson on fasting and the Word of Wisdom, I asked if she wanted to see the font, and if she wasn’t a dignified and reserved Korean, I think she would have jumped up and down as she said yes. So, we pulled back the cool Asian paper doors so she could look down into the font. It’s hard to tell how high the water will be, so we got IN the font!  When we went through the bathroom and opened the door that leads into the font, she told us whenever she used the restroom; she would see that door in the mirror and wondered where it led.  How exciting that it was the baptismal font!  So we all stood in the font and talked about baptism and what her baptism would be like.

It was pretty funny because that lesson was the first time we invited a certain recently returned missionary in our ward to come to her lesson, and while standing in the font, he told her she should think about getting baptized earlier than her original date, which was August 18.  Afterwards while he was riding home with her in a taxi, he again asked her about getting baptized sooner.  She told him that she felt she should get baptized sooner, so he said, “This week?” and she said “No, the next week.”  He called us and told us, and we totally overreacted.  We were so excited that we called all our missionary leaders.  Of course, she didn’t know any of this was going on, so she didn’t get baptized on the 14th, and my companion and I realized that we needed to reel it in and cool our jets. So, in our next lesson, we showed her everything we had left to teach, and asked her properly if she would consider getting baptized earlier.  She of course said yes because she’s so great, and so we had a baptism yesterday!

At the baptismal service, after the opening song and prayer, she and the man getting baptized both introduced themselves.  She stood there in her baptismal white and just glowed with happiness.  I am pretty sure I was glowing, too. It’s so funny because when my companion and I finished our other meetings at church and were back at home deciding what to eat for dinner, we talked about how we felt.  My companion said her love for Sister Lee was HUGE and she was super happy, but it was a happiness so different than anything she’d ever felt.  I told her that as a missionary, when you have a baptism or see great miracles, you don’t get that feeling of satisfaction you get when you score a 100 on a test or land the perfect job, because you had nothing to do with it.  She found us, she made the necessary changes in her life, and she made the decision to get baptized.  We just pointed to the right street signs along the way and she and Heavenly Father did the rest.  I’m SO elated and I feel so privileged to have been a part of Sister Lee’s miracle. I can’t wait to see her continue to grow and flourish and in turn do great things for Heavenly Father, too.

I love the Lord and all he does for me and for his children.  I’m so happy right now!!!!!!


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